Guide to Dungeon Guides

The Dungeon Guides themselves are pretty self explanatory but here we will be covering a few things you will need to know including:
  • Format (of the Dungeon Guides)
  • Maps
  • Dragon Statues/Final Battles (FB)
  • Chests & Keys

So, let's get started.

Format (of the Dungeon Guides)

From top to bottom, you will have:
  • A quest list, including all quests that are for that dungeon. For more information about quests click here.
  • Map Pieces List, telling you how to find the map pieces for that dungeon.
  • The Map & Map Legend, showing you where everything is in the dungeon.
  • Dragon Statue/Final Battle Information, explanation of how to unlock each dragon statue for that dungeon. (Also, includes Bosses/Monsters you will need to defeat to proceed.)
  • Mob List, a list of all monsters in that dungeon. Bosses and monsters located inside Final Battles will be labeled as follows, (FB) "monster name", in the mob list. A number will proceed the (FB?) showing which final battle that monster is located in. For example, "(FB1) Fire Spirit x2", this tells you a few things. Namely, that inside Final Battle 1 there are two Fire Spirits. Bosses/monsters located inside Final Battles will also be included in the Dragon Statue/Final Battle explanation for each statue in the dungeon. Additional Note: Purple mobs will be in purple text.


Map Pieces:
In Wizardry Online, you will find your dungeon maps as map pieces. There are a different number of map pieces for each dungeon and some dungeons do not have a map. What was that? Yes, some dungeons do not have a map. For dungeons that do have maps, the Map Pieces List will tell you how many pieces there are for that dungeon and where or how to get them.

(Click to Enlarge)

Reading your map:

Using the the map above, I will explain a few things about how to read your map and what different things on your map mean. See the numbered sections (white circles) in the above map to aid you as you read this list.
  1. Map Coordinates: On the left and top edges of your map are a line of numbers and letters, these, combined with the grid, give you map coordinates so you can easily make your own map notes, tell someone else where you are, or where something is. 
  2. Current Location & Channel: Pretty self explanatory, this part of the map tells you your current location in map coordinates and the dungeon channel you are in.
  3. Map Pieces: This shows you haw many map pieces you have collected.
  4. Dungeon Levels or Floors: This section of the map shows you how many floors there are in the dungeon and allows you to scroll through them by clicking the up and down arrows.
  5. Guardian Statue Icon: This icon marks the position of a Guardian Statue. All Guardian Statues that you have 'touched' (activated) will be shown on your map with the last Statue 'touched' having a blue glow.
  6. You are here: This small blue arrow shows where you are on the map and is accompanied by a trail of footprints showing you where you have recently been. You will see similarly glowing dots marking your party members locations when you are in a party.
  7. Quests: Here, on the map itself you can see a faded 'Quest in Progress' icon. I've also added, for the purposed of clarification, an easily visible 'Quest in Progress' icon and a 'Quest' icon. The 'Quest Icon', an exlamation point on a red-ish background, shows you the location of Quest NPC's with available quests while 'Quest in Progress' icons, a question mark on a yellow-ish background, allows you to easily locate quest givers when you need to turn in/complete your quests.

Scrolling over, with your mouse, any dot or icon on your map will bring up a descriptive tool-tip telling you who or what that marker represents. 

Map & Map Legend

For each dungeon, I will mark the locations of important, and some non-important, items/locations on the map. A map legend will be included to explain these icons.
Locations marked will include:

  • Dragon Statues
  • Locations of items needed to unlock Dragon Statues
  • Locations of Quest items
  • Chests & Keys
  • Purple Mobs (These monsters are very powerful. I.E. Running is a good idea. ;-)

Dragon Statues/Final Battles

In dungeons you will find statues, like the ones above, called Dragon Statues. (Note: Rarely these statues have a different appearance than the one above but are still easily identified because of their unique glowing orbs.) Behind the Dragon Statue, or near it somewhere, will be a magical barrier preventing passage. To dispel these barriers and continue progressing through the dungeon, you must unlock the Dragon Statue and defeat the boss monsters in its Final Battle. In order to unlock Dragon Statues, you will have to search for items or knowledge from various locations in the dungeon. (Knowledge meaning information, usually on stone slates spread about the dungeon, that will allow you to answer the Dragon Statues questions or riddles.) After you have unlocked the Dragon Statue you may 'touch' the glowing crystal to be teleported into a Final Battle area where you will need to defeat various boss monsters in order to clear the area and proceed through the dungeon. (Note: Final Battle areas are instanced, meaning only you and your party members will be able to enter the same battle. Also, each party member will need to unlock the statue in order to enter the Final Battle area.) Each Dungeon has a number of Dragon Statues you must unlock to proceed through the dungeon and complete it.


Chests & Keys


There are certain chests that remain in the dungeon at all times. I call them the Moon Emblem Chest and the Dead Man's Chest.
Below are the in-game descriptions for these chests:

  • Moon Emblem Chest: A treasure box with a Moon Emblem carved under its key-hole.
  • Dead Man's Chest: A treasure box with a horrific dead man from a graveyard holding out his hand.


The keys for these special chests are called, respectively the:

    • Moon Crest Key
    • Deceased Key

    Sometimes one or both of these keys can be found in the dungeon. Also, the Key Maker in Hero's Square (H7) will make you certain keys in exchange for specific number of items, usually 80 shining rocks or similar.

    Sample Guide


    Iffalo Training Grounds - Level 0

    Quest List:
    (SLM) The Adventurer's Trial

    Map: No maps.

    If you can't use it as a learning experience and get through this dungeon on your own please delete your character, delete your soul, uninstall the game and and try something else. 

    Just kidding. :) Please view the tutorial walk-through videos on the official Wizardry Online webpage.

    Mob List:

    • Zombie
    • Beetle
    • Green Slime

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